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Are TV loan adverts a good thing or a bad thing?

With the rising prices and falling economy, the standard of living of people has gone down. The prices of commodities go on increasing but the salaries do not increase proportionally. In such conditions, many people resort to taking loans for fulfilling their requirements – be it to buy a house, renovate their home, child’s education, […]

Has on demand TV changed the way we watch TV?

According to credible research from iconic research powerhouses, it has been indicated that on demand tv is rapidly replacing conventional television programming, and today more than a third of UK based audiences are now regularly watching on demand content as their preferred television programs. This paradigm shift is attributed towards the fact that conventional television […]

Could An Animation Programme About Finance And Loans Be Aimed At Children To Provide Good Fianacial Adivce for Their Future?

While a kid’s childhood should be all about fun and frolic, it is imperative to instil moral values and judgment in them right from the start. There is nothing wrong in teaching the kids how they should be when they grow up because the lessons learnt in childhood are the ones that stay with them […]

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How Has YouTube And Other Online Video Channels Influenced The Way We Watch TV?

Web 2.0 technologies such as online video have transformed themselves as a standard channel for instant communication, online marketing, and knowledge sharing. Over the last decade online video has rapidly metamorphosed not only as a prudent marketing tool but it has also transpired as a common method utilized in communication and sharing of information. In […]

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Mashed Up and Weird TV


It’s hard to know what Mashed up and Weird TV is. There are a number of websites who claim to offer weird TV and a number of other services that offer mashed up television. What you want to know about weird TV and mashed up TV, especially if you have never heard the phrase before […]

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What exactly is wierd tv

bad mash

Despite its short life on the small screen, it was largely considered to be a hit throughout North America. And even though the show is no longer available through traditional means such as over the air waves, you can likely find it though DVD sets and perhaps even as a rerun in some regions.

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