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How Has YouTube And Other Online Video Channels Influenced The Way We Watch TV?

Web 2.0 technologies such as online video have transformed themselves as a standard channel for instant communication, online marketing, and knowledge sharing. Over the last decade online video has rapidly metamorphosed not only as a prudent marketing tool but it has also transpired as a common method utilized in communication and sharing of information. In return this has led into unprecedented growth of online tv channels whereby Iconic players such as YouTube are today being ranked as one of the most powerful search engines. Because each and every individual is using the internet, online video sites are common and they have now begun to influence this very Internet audience in one way or another.

Below are some of the ways online video sharing sites are influencing audiences

Ability to watch customized content not available with mainstream television shows
Online video sharing websites provide users with on demand content which otherwise would not have been very easy to broadcast using conventional television channels. Users can subscribe to niche channels and watch any program on demand free of charge.

Doubles as an education tool
Online videos also act as educational portals that enable individuals acquire knowledge from different sectors. With online videos, it is possible for a let’s say a medical student who missed his lessons on “liver functions” to go directly to these online video sharing sites and search for information using the keyword “liver functions” and shortly the student will be presented with an array of videos from different sources.

Focus on user engagement
online tv has enabled users to take advantage of immediate feedback, this is something very difficult to achieve with today’s television broadcast. When the online video channel expands its user base they can utilize user-generated feedback, and if there is a push for missing items, the online channel will consider adding that very item into its arsenal of online television programs. With direct engagement it is also possible to answer channel viewers directly whenever they have any query pertaining to certain online tv programming.

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