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It’s hard to know what Mashed up and Weird TV is. There are a number of websites who claim to offer weird TV and a number of other services that offer mashed up television. What you want to know about weird TV and mashed up TV, especially if you have never heard the phrase before is what it is.

The idea behind mash-ups is simple. Different shows are put together in unusual ways. Sometimes these ways make sense. At other times the idea is to put as many different conflicting images together as possible. The results can be destracting, amusing or even visually pleasing. Sometimes, it allows for a crossover that the designers never intended to occur. For example. You could have the crew of the USS Enterprise meet the crew of the Red Dwarf.

Weird TV is a little bit different. Perhaps an early example of Weird TV was Weird Al’s UHF. UHF, a summer movie that did not achieve blockbuster status. UHF included fake commercials and a number of television shows that a person would love to see in real life, but would never make it past a network producer. British viewers, however, get to see things that American television viewers do not. They also have better comedy writers. At least the author of this article, who just happens to be an American, thinks so. It may just be that the bad British comedies do not make it across the pond.

The idea behind mashups has made it to YouTube and other video channels. Weird TV, which is a show on its own, or at least a genre of its own, remains British. It probably will catch on with United States audiences if Americans get a chance to see it. Black Adder, Are You Being Served, and Monty Python made it here after all.

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