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What exactly is wierd tv

So what exactly is wierd tv? Is it simply TV shows that are unusual or out of the ordinary? Perhaps instead, this involves more than that and happens to include a specific TV series called wierd tv?

At its core, wierd tv is widely accepted as odd or strange TV or video content that might provide some interesting viewing by the masses. I’ve found that wierd tv is one of those things that crosses many cultural boundaries and has found a home through most of the Western world and throughout scattered parts of the East. It’s also interesting to note that what we might consider to be wierd tv would be completely normal to audiences across the pond.

Now as many of you might be aware, wierd tv was also a popular TV programme that aired on Canadian late-night television. Despite its short life on the small screen, it was largely considered to be a hit throughout North America. And even though the show is no longer available through traditional means such as over the air waves, you can likely find it though DVD sets and perhaps even as a rerun in some regions.

Now let’s ask the question as to what you consider wierd tv? Maybe there is a favourite programme you enjoy that despite its lack of wide interest, is strange enough to capture your interest for an ongoing period of time? Perhaps this isn’t a life changing event to ponder your time away with, but I happen to think it’s fun to talk over with others close to you. In truth, there’s nothing to stop you from deciding to make an actual game out of odd tv ideas and programmes you’ve enjoyed over the years. The only thing really stopping you here would be your imagination. So go ahead, dare to think back into the past and come up with a list of tv programmes that you found amusing over the years.

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